Growing Heirloom Seeds




YES! You can grow your sprouts and greens INDOORS ALL YEAR ROUND with an inexpensive little 11 watt florescent bulb.

It’s super easy, super simple and takes hardly any time at all! The nutritional benefits are… priceless. (Nice source for such light bulbs: Ikea : )

Today: Kamut Grass Sprouts
Kamut is a Variety of Ancient Wheat
You can use almost any sproutable grain. Many of the natural food stores carry organic grains that will sprout. Sprouting is inordinately valuable. Not only are nutrients released, nutritional factors are released and nutrient content skyrockets. You can eat many sprouts as they are, or you can allow them to grow for juicing.


Easily Grow Greens Indoors : )
This picture goes to show that you can grow greens anywhere. Here they grow on my little kitchen work table under a computer lamp that was acquired for only $14.95 at a local computer store.

Note: You can put several plants beneath your light.

I’ve used just one for demonstration purposes. ALSO… for those who prefer incandescent bulbs – you can use a regular grow light bulb. They usually start at 40 watts and go up from there. The incandescents may cost a little more to run. At 10 cents per Kilowatt hour, a florescent bulb can run about $3 a month while an incandescent can go upwards of $10 or so.

However, can grow at least 4 pots under such a bulb, saving lots of money. If you have natural window light, you can save even more! (Be careful to protect your little plants from window cold by using aluminum foil or bubble wrap. : )


To Begin… Here we have some sprouted kamut grain and a prepared clay pot with soil
You can sprout in almost any container with some sort of cover! Here I used an old family heirloom – an old pyrex pot. I merely tip it over with lid held shut by fingers to empty out the water.

SECRET: You can LOW WATER SPROUT! All that rinsing? Not necessary! I just pour the “rejuvelac” or sprout water into a large container, add more water and feed my plants! Plants heal and thrive with such water which is slightly acidic and contains nutritional factors. :D

You can do a rinse once a day without touching the sprouts. Our hands have natural bacteria which is normal and fine. But the less we touch the sprouts, the less likely for “souring” or contamination.

The sprouts have been soaked for 1 day (approximately 24 hours) then allowed to sprout for 2 days.

I used a regular old washed clay pot with some worm soil from my worm bin. You can use ANY potting soil. It will work splendidly.


A Layer of Sprouts
Here I’ve layered the sprouts approximately 1/3 of an inch high in a simple clay pot. You can sprout in any container – even a plastic bag. No holes on the bottom are necessary! You will notice I will not even use a coaster or saucer.


A Nice 1/3 inch covering of soil
I put a layer of soil over the sprouts. The soil will help keep the sprouts moist and dark. Soon, they will erupt out of the soil which I will then remove to be put back into the worm bin. Ask me to do a worm bin pictorial!  (So easy, fun, and the most adorable little pets. :)

If the soil becomes dryer, I simply sprinkle on my water with my fingers to keep moist. I don’t cover as then yeasts, fungi or mold may grow.


The pot can be placed anywhere indoors
Here I place the pot on my little kitchen storage table nestled among my little mess. NO, i don’t eat peanut butter, someone else does. Freedom of eats. : )


Overnight, the sprouts pop right through the soil. Here, I’ve removed the soil cover which the sprouts handily pushed out of the way. All the babies look lively and healthy.
As you watch your sprouts grow, you may be amazed at how much vitality they radiate. And, there’s such a wonder in the magic of a seed… At first glance, it’s a hard little thing that seems quite dead. Then, with the magic of moisture, it roars to life busting with living energy. You will be amazed how quickly the grass grows. In the above picture, they are approximately an inch and a half tall.


The next day, they’re TWO inches tall
and growing by the MINUTE.
If you watch carefully, you can see them rise… : ) It’s late morning and the grass sprouts are already approaching 2- 3 inches tall. I turn the lamp off at night and turn it on during the day. The 11 watt bulb uses very little electricity.


The grass reaches for the light…
Some blades grow more quickly than all the rest. It’s as if they’re little grass athletes. The taller, stronger plants are those you may wish to let go to seed so that you’ll have a faster growing crop next growing season.

Growing season for greens is all year round when growing indoors!


Beautiful, isn’t it?
There’s such a beauty in the small blades when you take a look close up and personal. Tiny, green spires of perfection reaching for the light.


Water Droplets Collect on the Grass Tips
Water collects on the tips of the glass blades. The droplets look like little gems in the light. I sprinkle a little water on the sprouts in the morning and evening. Very little… just enough to keep the soil and sprout seeds moist. Water gravitates to the top of the blades. Amazing!


Jeweled Water Droplets – Another View…
Another jeweled shot… Each little droplet is a magnificent little globule held in suspended animation.


A Closeup…
In the wild, in the early morning dawn, insects and animals can take drinks of the delicious little “dewdrops,” the purest and most natural of distilled waters. Some say, it’s living water.


In only 1 day, the grass has grown 3 – 4 inches. Tomorrow we can begin to harvest and juice. : )


Morning and the Sprouts are Ready
In only 2 days, we have tall, beautiful, lush sprouts. Time to pluck!


Shorn, the “Plucked” Sprouts Go Back Under the Light
Here, the sprouts have been “plucked.” All the blades from the top of the patch have been plucked from their stems. The growing will continue. I store my plucked sprouts in a little glass with a bit of water at the bottom.


Little Glass of Sprouts
Ready for juicing, nibbling, adding to blended smoothies and drinks. But most especially enjoyed by Monsieur Le Hamstere : )


The next day AFTER having been plucked!
The sprouts have risen anew, ready for more plucking! Because we planted the seeds 1/3 of an inch thick, we will continue to be able to harvest for several days. Additionally, the stems continue to put forth more growth. Soon, we can plant anew! If we had planted several pots, one every other day, then refreshed each one, we would have a continuous supply all year round!

Guess what? We can do this with all sorts of delicious, nutritious, marvelous, wonderful, GREENS!

Happy Growing!
: )

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