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Secret Cravings at Night? – Use the Lazygirl Solution!

So! It’s late at night and you’re going stark, raving, stir craving. That is, you’re hungry as all getout and could eat a horse on the spot. Poor horse. Poor you! You crave every junk food known to man.

Well, here’s a solution that I call the Lazygirl Solution. Smartly, i use my lazy proclivities to my advantage. How?

Secret Weapon
I prep, prep, prep salad / juice / good stuff in the fridge. They sit there in the lonely, cold dark, waiting like little (big) spiders for an ant with my name on it.

I make LOTS of salad and raw vegetable / fruit juice so I don’t run out.

So… when I get hungry and want 3 bags of potato chips and 40 chocolate bars, I saunter to the fridge looking for evil goodies ONLY find daggone unprepped fresh veggies and fruits which i don’t want to touch, AND… tada, that salad and juice just sitting there.

I grab them just cuz they’re sooo convenient, not that they’re my preference. But, frankly, they taste purty good. Note: Kale salad mixed with other goodies is substantial and everyone always loves it. Don’t ask me why… maybe because kale can have a nutty taste or something.

(If you make kale salad and you have roommates or family who help themselves, either put a skull and crossbones on your salad or be prepared for it to be gone… don’t ask me why, it just disappears.)

Another note regarding juice: I find a bit of banana and / or mango smoothied into the juice makes a delicious drink that I REALLY look forward to. That little bit of oom-pah-pah really does a trick.)

So! In summary, the lazy me will grab whatever is ready to go in the fridge. And, potato chips, twinkies, girl scout cookies and other illegals are strictly forbidden in the kitchen. They WILL be confiscated by my mouth. Tell your family and roomies they MUST keep that stuff in their rooms in the closet in an airtight box. Period.


About late eating… try to go to bed really hungry for a day or two. Suffer through it, scream, cry, throw yourself on the floor if you have to. Then in the morning, grab that salad and banana-enhanced juice and cart it to work with you. Sip on that juice in the morning so you train your body to accept food during day instead of just at night.

Miracles do happen… one night, you’ll go to bed with cravings but wake up feeling… hungry and refreshed!!!

And it just gets better and better. That’s a promise.


Love!!! 😀


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