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The Law of Attraction vs. the Law of Creation

The Law of Attraction vs. the Law of Creation


Having clarity of thought is precipitated by a well functioning body and mind that is fueled and enhanced by the very best nutrition possible; the nutrition provided by fresh raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and sprouted grains.

Adhering to these dietary principles, natural-health-minded individuals reflect healthy mind, spirit and body in physicality AND actions.

The Law of ATTRACTION – What Is It?
What is the Law of Attraction? Basically, it is a belief that is based upon the premise that like attracts like, or that similar types of energies attract one other.

The Law of Attraction, Feelings, Thinking
The Law of Attraction infers that when you feel about and think about something strongly, you are then likely to manifest it into your life. How is this?

It is by the very acts of thinking, concentrating, focussing on and FEELING the feelings of what you wish to experience in your life that your own mind and the Universe seem to conspire to make it so. Your thoughts have the power to attract what you are focussed upon.

This seems to work for both positive and negative. Therefore, focussing on, concentrating on the positives and what you truly want in life will help make your dreams come true for you.

You see, you DO have the power to manifest what you want in your life by using the power of your own imagination and ability to FEEL.

Sound unbelievable? Perhaps. But it works. This amazing power of your own mind is available to you.

So, How Do You Make This Work For Yourself?
First of all, think about what you are saying. Perhaps you say that you are rich, wealthy, safe, happy. But instead, you feel poor, insecure and angry.

How do you think your life is going to be able to reflect what you say, when your feelings are in such opposition?

It turns out that it’s likely your life will reflect your feelings more so than your words.

The Law of Attraction does work. What you need to do is stop this Ping Pong game of this going back and forth of making positive, affirming statements while feeling negative, hopeless, upsetting thoughts.

What Do You Do?
Restructure your thought patterns in SUCH a way that you constantly focus and REFOCUS on what you truly WANT to experience. Now, this will take a great deal of effort in the beginning….

Go back to the FEELINGS of being safe, empowered, abundant. Your mind will go back and forth in a ping pong game. This will need to happen for quite a while until the NEW EMOTIONAL PATTERNS are truly established and firmly anchored into your personality.

This is when the Law of Attraction becomes the Law of CREATION.

The Law of Attraction can be considered a simplistic, more passive law. You think rich, your become rich. Your feel rich, your become rich.

In a way, there is truth to this. But there is a way to speed up the process and make the Law of Attraction work more quickly and intensely for yourself.

Taking Action
It starts with the emotional effort. Then it progresses to TAKING ACTION.

Let’s say that you want to create more money in your life. Where does it start?

It starts with feelings – feelings of abundance, that you are deserving of success. Then, you feel the feelings you would have if you were holding all the money you need in your hands. You feel the joy, the safety, the comfort, the security.

By focussing on what you REALLY, TRULY want in your life in detail and imagining having it, helpful people and situations will be drawn into your world as if by magic.

Your own mind and the power of the Universe and God have conspired to provide to you what you have wanted and felt so strongly about.

This is simply how the Universe and your own subconscious works on your behalf.

Now’s the Time
It’s NOW the time to ACT instantly without hesitation upon the hints and opportunities that the Universe is providing to you.

This is the moment when the Law of Attraction turns into the Law of Creation. It is the moment when you ACT upon your feelings and grab these opportunities and take advantage of them.

It’s not JUST about thinking about and feeling the feelings of having what you want… it’s ALSO about taking ACTION when these opportunites present themselves.

Your Actions Can Also Be INTERACTIONS
Your responsive actions do not have to be stiff, formal, regimented. They can also be in the form of INTERACTIONS with people and new circumstances. Everything will work together to help you to expand your horizons allowing you to explore new possibilities.

Suddenly, you may notice your world evolving with new energy flows and wave patterns. Now is the time to run with it! Move! Flow! Go with the new energies!

The situations in your life will evolve and rise to higher and higher levels until you are in the vibrational energy that you wish to be in. The world around you has become harmonious with the desires and wishes you want to experience.

Create Your Dreams… Feel Your Dreams… And You WILL Manifest Them with the Power of the Mind and the Universe.


Secret Cravings at Night? – Use the Lazygirl Solution!

So! It’s late at night and you’re going stark, raving, stir craving. That is, you’re hungry as all getout and could eat a horse on the spot. Poor horse. Poor you! You crave every junk food known to man.

Well, here’s a solution that I call the Lazygirl Solution. Smartly, i use my lazy proclivities to my advantage. How?

Secret Weapon
I prep, prep, prep salad / juice / good stuff in the fridge. They sit there in the lonely, cold dark, waiting like little (big) spiders for an ant with my name on it.

I make LOTS of salad and raw vegetable / fruit juice so I don’t run out.

So… when I get hungry and want 3 bags of potato chips and 40 chocolate bars, I saunter to the fridge looking for evil goodies ONLY find daggone unprepped fresh veggies and fruits which i don’t want to touch, AND… tada, that salad and juice just sitting there.

I grab them just cuz they’re sooo convenient, not that they’re my preference. But, frankly, they taste purty good. Note: Kale salad mixed with other goodies is substantial and everyone always loves it. Don’t ask me why… maybe because kale can have a nutty taste or something.

(If you make kale salad and you have roommates or family who help themselves, either put a skull and crossbones on your salad or be prepared for it to be gone… don’t ask me why, it just disappears.)

Another note regarding juice: I find a bit of banana and / or mango smoothied into the juice makes a delicious drink that I REALLY look forward to. That little bit of oom-pah-pah really does a trick.)

So! In summary, the lazy me will grab whatever is ready to go in the fridge. And, potato chips, twinkies, girl scout cookies and other illegals are strictly forbidden in the kitchen. They WILL be confiscated by my mouth. Tell your family and roomies they MUST keep that stuff in their rooms in the closet in an airtight box. Period.


About late eating… try to go to bed really hungry for a day or two. Suffer through it, scream, cry, throw yourself on the floor if you have to. Then in the morning, grab that salad and banana-enhanced juice and cart it to work with you. Sip on that juice in the morning so you train your body to accept food during day instead of just at night.

Miracles do happen… one night, you’ll go to bed with cravings but wake up feeling… hungry and refreshed!!!

And it just gets better and better. That’s a promise.


Love!!! 😀


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