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1 little shovel or Scoop
2 small, cute buckets with lilds. : ) 
(cheerful is good : )
1 Package Potting Soil
2 cups Natural Garden Soil

Put potting soil in one bucket and mix in a few 
handfuls of nice garden soil from yard or friend 
(for natural beneficial bacteria)

To Compost:

Put an inch or so of soil in your bucket, then throw 
your veggie waste in. Toss in a few scoops of soil 
mix to cover. 

Repeat several times. 

Occasionally, just gently stir your compost with your 
little shovel. Keep covered, but not air tight. 

Your bucket will warm up a bit as compost begins 
its natural heating process. 

That's it! 


To Add Nourishment 

If you like, you can add the following to your bucket:

1. Several spoonfuls of Molasses
2. Several small spoonfuls of Epson Salt
3. Some healthy rabbit or hamster poop & 
biodegradeable litter (No cat or dog poop!)

When ready, your compost will have a lovely, earthy 
smell and will have a nice, dark, crumbly texture.

You can leave your compost buckets out on patio 
or porch, even indoors if you like. 

If you're really adventurous and are willing to take 
care of some worms, you can add them to your 

Just be VERY sure to stir VERY gently so as not to 
hurt them. They are very beneficial, but they also 
are living creatures who have favorite foods and 
are capable of living a very contented life. When 
they are happy, they will mate and have "babies." 

Be kind to and responsible with your worms. : )

They can help you grow wonderful vegetables, 
fruits and herbs in a little apartment garden.


Having a little apartment garden takes commitment, 
although not too much!

To succeed, you will have to keep your littte indoor 
garden watered and tended. You may have to move 
your little plants to different locations on occasion.

But, they will reward you with the most delicious 
food and living beauty throughout your home.

They are MUCH easier to grow than one thinks.

THE MOST CRUCIAL TRICK is to always be 
CONSISTENT in your care on a daily basis.

It can be very fun, rewarding, simple and easy to 

Another important point - use heirloom seeds 
whenever possible. Then you can allow some of 
your veggies to go to seed and have them next 

Happy Composting!

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